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Brands in the barrel

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La Trappe

Brewed with patience, passion and traditional craftsmanship according to secret recipes of the Trappists. When you taste it carefully, you recognise the most important ingredient that is inextricably connected to the monks.

De Poes

Strictly brewed according to the Belgian recipe and using only the best ingredients, the final product results in a Pilsner with a light barley flavour. This easy to drink Pilsner pours clean golden, leaving an Ivory-white head.


The original draught Brandy & Cola. Premium 3 year brandy, poured at 2 degrees and served on ice. Lekker okes like lekker Brandy. Kry your Brannas nou!


A strong blond Belgian beer with a subtle, willful and sophisticated wood flavour and a “velvety” mouth feel that rivals that of an oak-matured wine. The special beer for Knights of Good Taste.


The “Spéciale Belge Ale” beer style is one of the better Belgian beers of the early 20th century. This smooth-drinking, amber-coloured, top-fermentation beer has a reasonable alcohol content.


The unique “Flanders Red-Brown Beer”. Mixed main fermentation and maturation in oak casks (“foeders”) give it the same sweet-sour flavour and complex fruitiness as wine. Highly refreshing and appetising – the perfect apéritif!